The System Methodology of Chinese Medicine – Inheritance and Innovation 中医系统方法论-继承与创新


This paper is delivered at the 5th Guangzhou International Chinese Medicine Conference, Guangzhou, China, November 17-18 2011 held to commemorate the 55th anniversary of the founding of the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine. 广州中医药大学建校55周年庆祝大会 暨第五届中国广州国际中医药研讨会 Abstract This paper describes the … Continue reading

The Globalisation of Chinese Medicine Education – Strategy and Direction 中医教育全球化——策略与方向


Presented at the Second World Education Congress of Chinese Medicine, 29th October 2011 in Beijing  第二届世界中医药教育大会, 2011年10月29日 中国北京 [Abstract] One of the prerequisites for globalisation of Chinese Medicine education is a thorough analysis of the strategy and direction of such … Continue reading

In Conversation with Professor Deng Tie Tao – The Grand Master of Chinese Medicine 与中医泰斗邓铁涛教授的对话


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10th November 2011, Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine 广州中医药大学2011年11月10号 As I was waiting in the reception of his humble home after entering through an iron gate at the end of a flight of stairs, Professor Deng emerged from a long … Continue reading