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On the 8th January 2014, Professor Man Fong Mei sadly passed away, quickly and unexpectedly. He died a very happy and content man and his positive spirit remains in all those whose lives he touched. His contribution to Chinese Medicine and East-West integration will never be forgotten. We pray that his spirit is looked after and perhaps finds tranquility and inspiration in the collective consciousness which he often talked about. We are eternally thankful for the privilege of his beautiful life.

This page contains just some of the tributes written for Professor Mei.

Bidding Farewell Under the Autumn Moon

By Professor Man Fong Mei

As our minds meet

Under the full moon,

The night is bright.

The emotion is heightened.

We look at each other

Expressing our love,

Our longings in life

To be together

Through Eternity.

As the moments run on

Hour by hour,

Farewell my dear ones.

For tomorrow,

As the journey begins,

We will be apart.

Amidst the laughter

Of the young

The innocent ones,

And the fragrance

Of our wine,

Our eyes set upon

The round moon cakes.


Our lives have come

To a completion.

It is here where our departures

Begin a new circle,

Where we will meet again.

Let’s celebrate

Dear ones,

The delightful moments

In the journey of our being

For eternity, irrelevant of time

Is the continuation of moments

And in these moments

We can truly savour life.

And it is in these moments

That we find the meaning

Of eternity;

The present

Is where the past and the future meet.

Farewell my dear ones,

May your lives be truly fulfilled.



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