The Quantum Observer

Thoughts on the occasion of the Chinese New Year, 3rd February 2011

I am a quantum observer.
I look at myself
Deep into the mirror.
The observer is observing
Himself as an observer,
Just like the immortals
Observing men,
Observing the universe
In a multitude of universal mirrors.
Light, photons
Dance in reflections.
I see myself everywhere
And anywhere.
I see myself as a man
And as a woman.
As a woman within a man,
And as a man within a woman.
The Yin and Yang of existence
Transcends the quantum observer,
Into an ocean of abstract thoughts.
Interacting, interconnecting,
Communicating without bounds.
My eyes,
Their eyes,
The third eye;
My brain,
Their brain,
The third brain
Of a quantum observer,
Translucent in the collective consciousness.
I am
In the grand void,
Without any details.
For the universal consciousness
Is pure and lucid
Like a mirror.
I saw myself
As a darting light,
In an empty space.
Now dark,
And now bright.
As a quantum observer
I look into my life,
This life,
Next life.
Am I the mind of the observer?
Or am I the heart of the observer?
The only thing that I need to know,
Is that
My consciousness is arriving,
To the end of the journey,
Arriving at my Shangri-La.

The Poetry of Nature

I live the poetry of nature,
I live an inspired life.
I’ve sung the song
Of my heart
Fulfilled in its glory.
I struggle and I laugh,
I whisper and I smile,
With all my emotion,
That is life.
I hope and I dream
That my existence
Adds to the positive forces of nature,
Towards the ultimate balance,
Towards harmony.
I live not only in words
But in deeds,
In the deeds that have no words;
For the real is good,
And the good is real.
My destiny, my being
Is to be a spark
In the darkness of this universe.
To survive,
To exist,
Feeling all the pleasures,
And the suffering,
Togetherness and partings,
The success and the failure.
In happiness and in desperation,
I live the life of inspiration,
In the poetry of nature.

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The Dream of a Quantum Dancer

During the night of the Chinese New Year, 3rd February 2011 in London

I am a butterfly,
Far beyond this world,
And deep inside
The quantum world.
I dance
In visual music
With the waves of electrons,
With hypnotised eyes,
With magnetic feet
Negatively charged.
Wave after wave
In an ocean of moving particles.
I dance
Like a butterfly,
From flower to flower,
From particle to particle.
I am an electron.
You see me here,
Then you see me there.
I live in a dream of uncertainty.
I am here.
And there.
And everywhere.
There is no distance
That can separate me
From my atoms.
Deep inside the Planck’s scale,
I leap with ease
To the atoms of the other world.
Down the passage,
The passage to another world
With no distance at all,
As my dance
Is a quantum dance.
A darting light
In the dark empty space.
My sacred journey,
My destiny
In the expanding space,
Is to be nothing.
My sacred journey
Is my secret destiny.
Towards harmony.
Towards emptiness.
Towards nothingness.
My dance will end
When there are waves no more,
When there are no more bosons and quarks.
With my proton
I transform
Into a positron.
When the quanta cease,
I cease,
In the boundless void
Of universal perfect balance.

Patriotism or Nobility?

A natural pride.
Tumultuous vibrations
In a tenuous world.
Through thick and thin,
Patriot hangs on
The aspiration
Of a nation.
And the illusion.
Of a monolithic world
Without diversities
But only itself.
But fragility
Nothing less
And nothing more.
Is an expanded horizon.
In the love of
The nation,
Unified civilisation.
But noble is a man
That loves mankind,
Because he loves his country;
For he is the one
That possesses the horizon
Of true nobility.

My Daughter’s Betrothal

The universality of love,
So boundless.
It is love that transforms the Earth.
It is love that symbolises
The bond of synergy
Between lovers.
The romantic notion sparkles.
Born is the family.
Born is the family of families,
That connect the world
In countries,
In nature,
That connects the Earth
In this wonderful pattern
Of universal holism.
No words can express
The father’s heart
At the moment of his daughter’s betrothal.
In the excitement of festivity
The white wedding veil,
The floor sweeping dress,
The scent of sweetness,
The murmur of excitement.
In my daughter’s heart
Love vibrates
With the laughters of the bridesmaid’s.
Towards her shining prince
Along the path of life,
Across the forest of eternity.
In the mood for love,
As the groom awaits
In the excitement of expectancy
For the twilight of tomorrow.
My daughter’s hand is in my arm.
The arms that give away
The tenderness of love,
And the lingering hope
That his happiness
Will be given away,
In transformation
For the continuation of love and happiness.
In my daughter’s heart,
Fostering a new hope.
The hope for her future
For her love and aspiration
That her life will blossom
And be fulfilled
In union
Of love, hope and happiness
That will bear fruit with her new man.
Born is a new family.
In the father’s heart
Her childhood memory
Her growing spirit
Her tears and laughters
With mother and brothers
The happy moments remain.

18th December 2009

Live an Inspired Life

Whatever you do,
Wherever you are,
In this life of yours
Be inspired!
Like the birds that sing
Every morning,
Till the evening,
The song of joy
And the satisfaction of toil.
Like the busy lily of the family
That bustles around with energy.
Like the bee that hums
Till the next day comes.
Like the rose that opens
For the love of her life.
With the subtle scent
Flowing in her fragrance,
Conveying her romantic senses
In the mood for seduction,
For love
That is life.
So many facets,
So many inspirations.
From the extraordinary
To the ordinary,
Inspiration can come
In every moment.
Moments that are ordinary for some,
But nonetheless,
Feeling inspired.
Searching for positivity
Of spaceless energy,
In the journey of time,
From beginning to the end.
And then the beginning again.
Only positive energy
Can carry us with hope,
Without despair,
Without fear,
In our own journey of life,
We aspire
For the goodness
Of being.
Such is the consciousness of existence,
Ubiquitous in this universe.
With all that surrounds you.
Alone you are
In this collective consciousness;
Feel the beauty of an inspired life.
For better or for worse,
In happiness,
In sadness.
Be inspired
My friend,
Only in inspiration
There is hope.
There is beauty.
There is the meaning of life,
In eternity.

Chinese New Year 2008



An MFM philosophical Poem of love, life, wisdom, medicine and science of
East and West Integration

When a friend comes,
Sharing a glass of wine
The wine of life.
A life that knows no infinity,
A life that lives
At a moment in time.
This space is ours.
Between us.
And within us.
Within us and without us,
Our consciousnesses meet
Within our universe,
Expanding to the space of multiverses.
Like floating bubbles,
Like membranes,
Floating in the eleventh dimension.
Now we are here,
Now we are there.
We connect
And we separate.
The certainty is uncertain.
Yet our consciousnesses meet.
Our love,
Our friendship,
Our spirit
Live in eternity……
We say to a friend,
How can we touch your soul?
Is your passion?
Is your soul?
The answer comes,
In this universe.
In this world.
We find each other
Meet and console.
Love in friendship,
Friendship in love.
All the sadness of life,
Will make me long for you.
Know that you will never be abandoned.
You will never be alone;
Life is being born
From the morning till dawn.
From your families
To your father and mother,
Now your children.
In between is you,
With the friends you have,
With the love that are your friends.
Time runs on,
Our space is expanding,
Within us
It has arrived, late.
Our loneliness of eternity.
But in our journey
You are there with me,
My friends.

23rd Dec. 2009


In the days of milk and honey,
Inspiration comes;
And inspiration goes,
Vanished in thin air
As suddenly as it appears.
Change, such a constant energy.
Change, that we cannot escape.
Flowers bloom every Spring
And perish in the Winter.
Pink, red, yellow and orange.
Roses, peony, chrysanthemum and tulips.
With the four seasons
They come and go,
Leaving fragrance and colour
To the pleasure of bees and butterflies.
Then comes the next Spring;
The elements of life blossom again.
With the passage of time
Different moment,
Different things.
Everything succumbs to the power of change.
In this timeless moment
I try to hold on to my dream
Of constancy in pleasure.
But as it languishes
Only the fragrance of jasmine remains.
The sweet song of happiness
Echoes in the grass lands,
Telling me change is to come.
The storm of sadness will come
As the sunshine disappears.
At last,
Change is irresistible.
Time knows not the plight of the lover’s heart,
Nor the agony of suffering,
But only the courage of man
Facing this tragic time.
The perseverance of human spirit
Struggles on, struggles on
Awaiting the return of Spring.
In the Spring there will be love,
In the Spring there will be sunshine,
In the Spring death will become life again,
Different from last Spring,
Different from last life.
A new soul.
A new spirit.
In the passage of time
A new human epoch is born.
Glorious are the colours.
In happiness
We sing the songs of heaven
Of new consciousness on Earth.
Like the resurrection of phoenix
From the fire
From the crisis,
We stood the change of time.

November 2009

Away With This Dusty World

I sigh…
In the darkness of the night,
In the dreams of the day,
My thought wonders
In the storm of emotions
With thunders.
Struggling to escape
This chaotic world,
Finding my way
Among crises
After crises.
This world of
War and struggles,
Tears and suffering,
Where men wrestle
Against each other,
In the lust for power.
We toil,
We consume,
We desire,
We struggle to survive
To satisfy
Our physical needs,
Amidst the tedious deeds.
Lost in our metropolis
Of noises,
Of pollution,
Of all the intricacies
Of human follies.
Swimming against the waves
In the sea of regulations;
In the intoxicating
Madness of consumption,
Of competition.
Amongst ourselves,
In the unstable world
Of corruption,
Of terror,
Of evil thoughts,
Taking away
Our noble spirit.
The pests of this world!
Let the sages
Return us to nature
To the land of enlightenment.
In this land,
Sometime ago,
Once full of nature’s beauty.
Now a dusty world.
Waking up in the morning,
I long
For a being
Of romantic dreams,
Of noble spirit
And inspiration,
Of enlightenment
And inner harmony;
In the pursuit
Of a noble civilisation.
Awake my fellow human beings!
Revive your spirit,
Your love for nature,
Your nobility of being.
In your passion,
For the love of each other
With no constraints.
Sweep away all these evils,
Be healthy,
Bring back wellness
In our mind,
In our spirit,
For simple happiness,
With harmony,
Within man
Within nature.
This dusty world.
Our new garden,
Into purity,
Into eternity.

11th May 2011

The Forum, London




1.  介子 (Muons & Pions)
2.  高能中微子(Energetic neutrinos )
3.  玻色子(The boson)
4.  胶子(Gluons)
5.  基本粒子(Elementary particles)
6.  上帝粒子 ,希斯玻色子(God’s Particle , Higgs Boson )