综合医学 – 新系统方法论探讨 Integrative Medicine – Exploring a New System Methodology




当今医学正处在一个转变时期。从自然整体观角度看,循证医学正面临包括中医学以及其他替代医学的挑战。综合医学*ı概念的提出是为了更好地指导临床实践。综合医学作为一个崭新的医学系统需要建立其公认、可靠的系统方法来指导临床。本报告对认知逻辑、证据的进展、科学方法和医学哲学整体观等诸多方面进行探讨,从而形成一种真实、清晰而连贯的医学方法论,在探讨综合辩证逻辑的发展过程中寻找医学新方法。本文还提出了辩证医学*²(Dialectical Based Medicine, DBM)这一具有较先进理论的概念。黑格尔逻辑学中的三段论法为我们提供了一种认知逻辑,它可作为综合医学的研究手段,因这种双对认知逻辑可以把躯体疾患以及精神情志、社会、环境因素所导致的各种疾患综合起来。



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中华医学发展导论 The Polemics of Chinese Medicine Development

梅万方 教授, 2006


By Professor Man Fong Mei, Chairman of Chinese Medical Institute & Register (London) and Chinese Medicine Council (UK)

[摘要] 本文通过中西医学发展的不同历史与概念之比较,说明了中华医学所蕴藏的独特医学体系完全可以与西方医学平等互补,共同发展现代全球医学。传统中医要跟上时代步伐,实现中医现代化、国际化,中西医结合则是必由之路。中国近五十多年来的大量研究成果,已经使现代中医学,现代中药学,现代针灸学等提上了议事日程。特别是在当前中华医学向国际社会发展之时,各国开展中医药立法之机,强调中医药和针灸不仅因有完整统一的理论体系而不容分割,并且中华医学的现代发展已经为全球医学体系的形成创造了条件。本文还对中华医学发展过程中的若干问题提出了新的认识,以期作引玉之砖,促进中医界同仁的认同、补充和发展,并促进西医界人士的思考,在新时代所需的全球医学新体系中达到共鸣。

[关键词] 中华医学,传统中医药;西医学,现代医学体系;中西医结合,现代中医学;中医药立法;医药外交;中医教育;全球医学;生物经济时代;发展,导论。
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Medical Methodology in Review – Reply to “Review by Professor T-C Aw” (June/July 07 Issue)

The article concerning complementary medicine therapies as possible options for services within Occupational Health departments is encouraging in as much as the fact that this would not have been published thirty to forty years ago, which is when, with President Nixon’s visit to China in 1972, the more recent interest in Chinese medicine began.
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The Implications of the Scientific Theories of New Physics to the Innovative Development of Dialectical Thoughts in Chinese Medicine

This paper was delivered at the World Congress of Chinese Medicine, Macau, 15th October 2008



The large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN will soon provide us with experimental evidence of a revolutionary vision of our universe developed since Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and Quantum Physics. The implications of a century of intellectual advancement in human knowledge has not yet influenced the system methodology of medicine today. Evidence Based Medicine is still a largely Newtonian mechanistic worldview of empirical objectivity, which is outdated by the Standard Model in physics and the String Theory of extra dimensions.
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Integrative Medicine – Exploring a New System Methodology 综合医学:新系统方法论探讨

A Report delivered at the Integrative Medicine Conference March 2007 · Royal College of Physicians, London


Medicine is facing an era of transformation. Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) is being challenged by the revival of traditional medicines such as Chinese medicine and Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM) from a holistic natural stand point. The proposal of an integrative medicine must begin by innovating a creditable theoretical methodology to guide its clinical practice. This inquiry looks at the logic of cognition, a progression from evidence, scientism and the holistic metaphysics of medicine to a truer, more coherent methodology. Exploring this progress in terms of the dialectical logic of synthesis, this paper proposes the theoretical advancement of a Dialectical Based Medicine (DBM). Syllogism in Hegel’s science of logic may provide us with a cognitive logic for integrative medical research that incorporates both the changing complexity of physical manifestations and psycho-emotional, social and environmental factors in human health and disease.

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