Chinese Medicine Education - A Global View

Speech delivered at The 3rd International Congress of Traditional Medicine, September 2006 Canada, 50th Anniversary Conference of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, October 2006. Beijing.


Current international medical education, broadly speaking is based on the system developed in the west. Mainstream medicine is evidence based, evolved in the past two or three hundred years with the advancement of science. A comparative studies of medical education in different countries mirrors similarities in undergraduate study, internship and specialty training requirements. The content of most syllabuses includes western medicine theoretical studies in Evidence Based Medicine, anatomy, pathology, pharmacology, moral & ethical education etc. However, criteria of measurement and enforcement standards differ from country to country. For example, the critical standards of the UK Royal Colleges may be similar to the peer knowledge of specialties in the US, Australia or Japan, the system of educational evaluation and educational standards requirement are different. This prompt the World Medical Association to propose an agreed minimum standards for international medical education without which it will be difficult to achieve international mutual recognition and accreditation. This is a fundamental step in our 21st century world of medicine without frontiers.

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