About Prof. Man Fong Mei 关于梅万方教授

With a scientific background in physics, he took a special interest in the development of medical physics in relation to clinical energy medicine which led him to Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Prof. Mei devoted his life to East-West medical exchange by founding the Chinese Medical Institute and Register (CMIR, UK) together with the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. He is the principal professor of the CMIR and holds visiting professorships with the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, Guangxi Medical University and the  Nigeria Natural Medicine Development Agency. He has been involved in numerous research, teaching and clinical projects in Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and energy medicine. His clinical specialties include Syndrome Acupuncture, Electro-acupuncture, TENS, Laser Acupuncture, Ear Acupuncture and Modern Chinese herbal pharmacology. He is currently Chairman of the Chinese Medicine Council (CMC, UK), Chinese Medical Institute & Register (CMIR, UK); Executive Chairman, Consultative Working Committee of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS), International Andrology Society and the Chinese Pharmacology Specialist Committee. He initiated debates on medical methodology between Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) and Dialectical Based Medicine (DBM).

His recent appointments include Vice President of the 2nd Board of Education Instruction Committee (Beijing) and Vice Chairperson of the 1st Board of Committee of Examination and Evaluation (Beijing).

Beside his academic and educational activities, he is active in enterprise circles having established the AcuMedic Foundation and Mei Group PLC in pursuit of Biomedicine Research and Development as well as providing innovative medical services. He invented the world’s first disposable acupuncture needle and designed the earliest range of micro-processor electro acupuncture and TENS apparatuses. He has also been appointed as a fellow of the Institute of Directors (IoD, UK).

In public services, his experience ranges from knowledge in committee governance and corporate governance to chairing events on public and academic issues. He was appointed as a member of the team for constructing the National Occupational Standards (NOS) on acupuncture with the Skill for Health. He was also a stakeholder in the MHRA consultation process on the EC Directive relating to Traditional Herbal Medicine. Prof. Mei was appointed by the UK Department of Health as a member of the Joint Regulatory Working Group on CAM under the Chairmanship of Professor Pittilo. He was also an active member of the Chinese Medicine Regulatory Working Group.

He participated at numerous UK and international events including the World Medicine Forum, International Conferences on Integrative Medicine and major global events on Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and traditional medicine since 1972.

He was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society for Encouragement of Arts (FRSA).  In 2003 he was given the Award for Outstanding Contribution to Chinese Medicine by the China Association of Chinese Medicine. In 2009 he received the China Outstanding Business Leaders Award. He picked up the trophy at a ceremony in January 2010.

His passion for an East-West integrative approach in medicine inspires his vision for a globalised medicine that cares for humanity and a new paradigm of medicine and health.


梅万方教授目前主要职务为亚美迪医药集团董事长 (AcuMedic Centre), 伦敦中医学院院长(CMIR), 英国中医管理委员会主席(CMC),英国中医药合作联盟主席(CUC)。

自上世纪七十年代开始,梅教授以发展中西医结合医学为使命,积极参与学术和临床机构的研究发展,力求实现新型的综合医学模式来推动中医全球化和 主流化。他曾是“循证医学”与“辨证医学”理论的最早提倡者。 四十年来,他发表和出版了数百篇关于能量医学、结合医学及辨证论治方面的学术论文,同时提倡应把中医教育国际化。目前担任伦敦中医学院教授, 北京中医药大学、广州中医药大学及广西医科大学客座教授,同时教授伦敦大学国王学院,盖伊和圣托马斯医学院、圣乔治医学院的学生中医与针灸课程。

梅万方教授将学术和中医药产业化相互渗透,同时也把物理学、心理学、经济学、哲学及中国传统文化相结合提出了很多新的医学思维,创作了大量的文章。及诗词。近期主要论文有《悟在阴阳-和谐与你》(Conceiving Yin and Yang — Harmony and you),《辨证论治的理论及实践的系统性分析》 (A Systematic Analysis of the Theory and Practice of Syndrome Differentiation) 发表在中西医结合医学杂志上。


梅万方教授不仅为中医事业,也为中华文化在海外的传播贡献了毕生的精力。欢迎访问他的博客 http://mfm.acumedic.com/