The Current Situation Regarding Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) in China – Report Following a Three-Week Visit to China by the CMIR Medical Delegation During October-November 2013

For MP David Tredinnick to use at the Science Committee Meeting, 25th November 2013

Widespread overuse of antibiotic and antiviral drugs in China is now an increasing concern in Chinese media.

Prominent experts such as Professor Zhong Nan Shan warned that, unless measures are taken to nationally arrest the overuse of antibiotic and antiviral drugs, epidemics will spread at an unprecedented rate. Future challenges posed by infectious diseases in mainland China will pose a health threat of major proportions.

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The Moment

This is the moment

I am in your presence

You are in my presence

Together we sip our tea of life

This is the moment

Together we indulge our imagination

The sweet memory of the past

The excitement for the future

The hope we share

In this winter air

Our presence together,

In celebration.


5 December 2013



The Heart and Mind in Chinese Medicine and Culture

A Report on the Event held at

The Forum, AcuMedic Centre, 5th October 2013

The key principles of Chinese medicine and acupuncture were explained in this lecture focused on the relationship between heart, mind and health. The free presentation was delivered by Professor Man Fong Mei, Clinical Director at the AcuMedic Clinic where over 50,000 patients were treated with Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture. A diverse audience attended the talk to learn more about the Chinese medical perspective on the connections between mental and physical health.

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Herbal Medicine Dispensing – How to Meet the Changing Regulation Requirements

 A Report on the Event held at

The Forum, AcuMedic Centre, 7th September 2013  

This seminar was specially organised by the Chinese Medical Institute and Register (CMIR) to advise practitioners on how they can prescribe herbal medicine in compliance with the new law due to come into force on 1st January 2014.

On 31st December 2013 the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) will end the ‘sell through’ transition period of herbal medicine products. What this means to Chinese medicine practitioners is that they have to set up their own dispensary to individually make up and prescribe herbal medicine. They can no longer prescribe ready-made herbal medicine products to their patients.

Professor Man Fong Mei, Chairman of the CMIR and the Chinese Medical Council (CMC), led the seminar by providing a clear explanation of the ongoing regulatory situation and what practitioners must do to ensure that they retain the right to prescribe herbal medicine. Chinese medicine practitioners must take the following steps:

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Getting the Optimum Benefit from Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture – Treatment and Health Regulation

A Report on the Event held at The Forum, AcuMedic Centre, 7th September 2013

This informal lecture has been organised in response to one of the most frequently asked questions from the many thousands of patients who have attended the AcuMedic Clinic over the past 40 years: ‘how do I get the most from my treatment?’ To answer this question, Professor Man Fong Mei, Clinical Director at the AcuMedic Centre and Chairman of the Chinese Medical Institute and Register (CMIR, UK) delivered a talk by drawing on several decades of experience as a successful Chinese medicine practitioner and lecturer. He provided some expert advice on how to make the most of your Chinese medical treatment; what the patient should do in between treatments and how many sessions are needed before improvement can be expected. The talk highlighted the importance of collaboration between the Doctor and the patient.

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Organic Farming and Chinese Herbal Medicine

with Sir Julian Rose, Jadwiga Lapota and Professor Man Fong Mei

A Report on the Event held at

The Forum, AcuMedic Centre, 10th August 2013

A group of well-informed participants concerned with the ecological crisis facing our planet got together to discuss organic farming as the basis for solutions. Several interrelated social and environmental catastrophes will certainly descend upon our world should we carry on in the current direction of development. Intense discussion ensued after the presentations by Jadwiga Lapota and Sir Julian Rose on the crucial importance of organic farming and how it can be done.

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with Sir Julian Rose, Jadwiga Lopata and Professor Man Fong Mei
on Saturday 10 August, 3pm – 5pm at AcuMedic, 101 – 105 Camden High Street, London, NW1 7JN

Organic farming is essential, not only to our own health, but also for the environmental health of the planet. Cross-contamination of chemical fertilisers and GM crops filterthrough our food chain and affect water and soil for generations to come. The effects on herbal medicine are no different.

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My Magnificent China – A Personal View on Her People, Land, Culture, History & Philosophy

Date: Saturday 6th July 2013, 3pm – 5pm

Venue: The Forum, AcuMedic Centre, 101-105 Camden High Street, London NW1 7JN

This lecture is inspired by the many friends and colleagues who expressed to me their views of the Chinese civilisation, past and present. There are both positive and negative comments on the various aspects of China. Some of these views are passionate and some are constructive, amongst which are frank but critical views of China in the process of the current global contentions.

While China is becoming an economic power to be reckoned with, Chinese culture and philosophy, as a civilisation, have not received enough attention from scholars or the media. My intention in this lecture is to fill the gap by bringing in the ideas, the values the arts and the wisdom essential to the Chinese civilisation. This heritage can be used to create positive contribution to the world’s enlightenment and progress.

Specific emphasis will also be on the way of health and lifestyle in the Chinese tradition that is relevant to each of us living in the 21st Century. Such wisdom is important especially when we are facing hard times caused by the global economic crisis.

The beautiful landscape of mountains and rivers, the tea-drinking people and their herbal food culture will hopefully bring a lighter touch to this lecture and discussion.

We invite you to come and enjoy this unique afternoon tea talk experience. It’s FREE

Please RSVP to Adena Zhao by calling 0207 388 6704 or email Adena