Farewell 2013, Welcome to the Year of the Wooden Horse!

Many of us may have experienced a year of change caused by the dynamics of the Black Water Snake. As 2013 is drawing to a close we look forward to the year of the Wooden Horse that will set the milestone for the next decade to come. According to the Chinese zodiac, this is the energetic cycle of Qi that will manifest itself in a qualitative manner that will influence our health, personal relationships as well as the social and natural phenomena. All the knowledge of the human race will be needed to help us move towards the next horizon in enlightenment.

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Getting the Optimum Benefit from Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture – Treatment and Health Regulation

A Report on the Event held at The Forum, AcuMedic Centre, 7th September 2013

This informal lecture has been organised in response to one of the most frequently asked questions from the many thousands of patients who have attended the AcuMedic Clinic over the past 40 years: ‘how do I get the most from my treatment?’ To answer this question, Professor Man Fong Mei, Clinical Director at the AcuMedic Centre and Chairman of the Chinese Medical Institute and Register (CMIR, UK) delivered a talk by drawing on several decades of experience as a successful Chinese medicine practitioner and lecturer. He provided some expert advice on how to make the most of your Chinese medical treatment; what the patient should do in between treatments and how many sessions are needed before improvement can be expected. The talk highlighted the importance of collaboration between the Doctor and the patient.

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with Sir Julian Rose, Jadwiga Lopata and Professor Man Fong Mei
on Saturday 10 August, 3pm – 5pm at AcuMedic, 101 – 105 Camden High Street, London, NW1 7JN

Organic farming is essential, not only to our own health, but also for the environmental health of the planet. Cross-contamination of chemical fertilisers and GM crops filterthrough our food chain and affect water and soil for generations to come. The effects on herbal medicine are no different.

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My Magnificent China – A Personal View on Her People, Land, Culture, History & Philosophy

Date: Saturday 6th July 2013, 3pm – 5pm

Venue: The Forum, AcuMedic Centre, 101-105 Camden High Street, London NW1 7JN

This lecture is inspired by the many friends and colleagues who expressed to me their views of the Chinese civilisation, past and present. There are both positive and negative comments on the various aspects of China. Some of these views are passionate and some are constructive, amongst which are frank but critical views of China in the process of the current global contentions.

While China is becoming an economic power to be reckoned with, Chinese culture and philosophy, as a civilisation, have not received enough attention from scholars or the media. My intention in this lecture is to fill the gap by bringing in the ideas, the values the arts and the wisdom essential to the Chinese civilisation. This heritage can be used to create positive contribution to the world’s enlightenment and progress.

Specific emphasis will also be on the way of health and lifestyle in the Chinese tradition that is relevant to each of us living in the 21st Century. Such wisdom is important especially when we are facing hard times caused by the global economic crisis.

The beautiful landscape of mountains and rivers, the tea-drinking people and their herbal food culture will hopefully bring a lighter touch to this lecture and discussion.

We invite you to come and enjoy this unique afternoon tea talk experience. It’s FREE

Please RSVP to Adena Zhao by calling 0207 388 6704 or email Adena


New Year’s Greetings to You

Amidst the Christmas festivities, I would like to send my good wishes to you, your family and your colleagues. May the new year bring you joy, happiness and the best of health!

Reminiscing over the past year and looking forward to 2013, there is one message I would like to convey to you. That is, despite the difficulties we have faced, the human spirit of hope and good will is still abundant in our world.

Let us engender harmony together in 2013 and bring enlightenment into different spheres of our society.

East is East, West is West, South is South and North is North. Wherever we belong, whoever we are, we shall have to twine together at this vital moment of global convergence in the history of human civilisation. Integration in the fields of healing, health and medicine will help to bring us together.

Our mutual interests and our different values must now be synergised. I hope within this synergy we can preserve our cultural diversities and coexist in harmony.      

May this spirit carry us forward…

I hope to see you in London for future CMIR events. 

Man Fong Mei

The Chinese Medical institute and Register (CMIR)

The AcuMedic Foundation, London

Follow on Twitter @ProfMei

中华医学 道远任重

梅万方 副主席
2006 年6月22日·北京

回顾世界中联自2003年成立以来,全球的中医状况有很多变化,比如在英国,中医受到越来越多的媒体包括BBC在内的攻击和反面报道,使中医在英国目前处于市场收缩状况。同时在英国,中医独立立法也因内部不合影响了独立立法的发展。另外主流医学对中医的要求也越来越严格,他们需要中医进行随机控制试验(Randomised Control Trials, RCT)来证实它的疗效,而中医在这些方面还无从入手。再加上西方的主流医学以循证医学(Evidence Based Medicine, EBM)为主导,而中医还没有建立一个整体的辨证医学(Dialectical Bassed Medicine, DBM)的研究方法,这也使中医处于被动位置。

然而,世界中联自成立以来做了大量的工作,尤其是在建立众多的专业委员会方面,这个工作非常重要,同时也应是世界中联的核心任务。西医的强项就是有专业小组(Peer Group),中医也应按这种模式发展。因为每个专业(Peer Group)都应建立标准。同时在中医药标准的建立方面,世界中联也做了很多工作,比如GAP,GSP,GMP,GLP等等,这些都是很重要的。没有这些标准,中医药就不能推向全球。这些工作都推动了世界中联在中医药全球化中的作用。我对世界中联总部和秘书处所做的工作表示非常敬佩。
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第五届天津国际中医药学术研讨会暨第九届针灸国际学术交流会,天津 2006

一、 现代针灸的历史


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辨证医学古今论 Dialectical-Based-Medicine (DBM) Traditional Prospective and Modern Interpretation


2005.9. 北京

[摘要] 从症、病、证的辨别来分析病的变化过程并进行辨证论治,找出病因而对症施治是中医学的独特概念。中医的整体观念用脏腑气血相互关系来侯证话本也可以应用于当代临床医学中。中医辩证医学的现代创新能提供一个新的医学体系与西医循证医学相比较。本文还将分析辩证医学和循证医学的异同,并进一步研究两种医学思维的互动与发展。辩证医学和循证医学的阴阳互动互存的结晶,就是未来全球医学形成中的关键因素。总之,本文提供了面对未来医学思维发展方向的斗争。

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诸子蜂起 百家争鸣



伦敦中医学院院长 英国中医注册学会会长

世界中医药学会联合会副主席 英国中医管理委员会主席

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