LiYa – The Realm of Beauty and Grace

Welcome to this Earth,

My dear beauty.

Your presence brings me an air of grace,

Amidst the clouds

A little dragon glides through space.

Descending upon us,

The many splendid things

That you bring,

Harmony in the Spring.

Like magic sprinkles

Upon the blossoming flowers

Imagine, all around us

Teeming with fresh life,

The landscape of this earth


Looking at your face,

I feel the embodiment of tranquillity.

Looking at your eyes,

I feel the depth of your perception.

Radiating from your smile,

I conceive your confidence,

With the confidence of hope,

Together, we embrace nature.

And yet, it is the nature that gave rise to you

Through the magic of Chinese Medicine

That your breech was turned.

From Heaven to Earth

You descend;

To bring the balancing dynamics of harmony

To us all.

Thus, happiness thaws

Into the warm earth

After the Winter’s snow

Spring comes,

And we are full of hopes.

Man Fong Mei

18th April 2012


              Written after the birth of my granddaughter LiYa


Random Thoughts, In the Mood for Philosophy

It arrived late,

But it has arrived…….

Time has its own logics.

The mysterious pace,

That no one can predict.

Yet it is on its way,

Always arrives,

In its own time,

Reveals itself eventually,

Inspiration is a mysterious thing

It comes unexpectedly,

With time,

With timelessness,

Yet inspiration is a fleeting moment in eternity,

But with eternity

Inspiration brings…

When you wait,

Maybe it’s too late;

When coincidences meet,

It’s time

Must not be missed.

In the connectedness of our destiny,

When a coincidence’s time is missed

An accident becomes.

As all things

In this universe

Are free from the preordains;

Yet, the coincidences of becoming

Escape not, the change of time.

There is only one constant,

The dynamic of time;

Through Dao

Yin and Yang multiply,

In the multitude of serendipities,


Are these the deeds of gods,

Or the realm of Tai Ji?

Man Fong Mei 梅万方

London 伦敦,

Written on 8th March 2010

Completed on 4th May 2012

Being Without Fear

Into this world with hope,
Just like Spring,
The vibrancy of life
That all creatures bring.
Nature sprouts
Into a multi-coloured world of flowers;
And the birds are chirping,
As the song of life is sung.
We know no fear,
We feel no sadness,
We only have hope,
We only have the future.
In the Summer,
Fruits and flowers abundant.
In the joy of life,
The fear of Autumn
Not in our mind;
As if it’s a second Spring.
We live a life without fear!
I can see
Deep inside me,
There is this vanity,
That I live in eternity.
When I am smiling,
The world seems like a better place,
That turns my hope into a miracle.
Is it reality,
When my eyes open?
Or is it a dream,
When my eyes are closed?
I thought of the universe,
And the universe is my thought.
This conceptual universe
Is it mind over matter,
Or matter over mind?
Living in the material world,
The tangible becomes intangible.
As our physical existence perishes,
Our consciousness remains.
A pure abstract existence,
Interacting with all the possibilities,
That exist in this universe,
And the reality is now.
My thoughts of today,
Determine the reality of the future.
I live with no fear,
Even when the day comes,
That my physical existence is no more.
As this is a universe of concepts,
Ideas and perceptions,
In collective consciousness,
In pure abstractness
Of existence.
The universe of thoughts
Is awe-inspiring!
I bathe in the ocean of the universe,
Waves after waves,
Moving forward,
And yet moving backwards,
Moving upwards,
And yet downward,
Moving outward,
And yet inward.
Deep inside this timeless zone,
Connecting with all the elements
Of this world beyond worlds.
My senses can no longer reach
The dimension of existence,
Beyond the physical world.
Only my consciousness
Connects to oneness.
The oneness
Of this universe,
And beyond,
Into the multitude of universes,
Into nothingness,
Into the beginning.
My journey of being,
At a time of pure consciousness,
At a time of pure infinity.
It is the time of zero,
In pure harmony.

9th February 2011

The Forum

Be Yin and Be Yang

Everything within,

And everything without

In this vast universe.

Waves after waves,


Moving towards

The edge of the universe.

As the yang energy expands,

The yin energy contracts;

As the muons and pions rush into my heart,

The energetic neutrinos gather in force

Towards an infinite inner world.

Ah, suddenly the awesome God Particle,

The boson,

Arrives where the harmony is,

And matter amasses into stability.


My heart is full of gluons –

The gluons let me laugh and let me cry,

Let me indulge

In nature’s absolute contradictions,

And I begin to sing the joy of nature.

As the elementary particles dance,

My thoughts vibrate beyond this universe.

And into the inner world.



I arrive into the ultimate,

Together with you,

And everyone else,


Into the two phases of yin and yang,

Contemplate within Tao,

Reach the horizon of existence and beyond.

As man

Between heaven and earth

Is at one

With himself.

3rd March 2012


After Winter There is Spring – Wither Human Civilisation? The Hope of Spring

Imagine, my friend;

The smell of spring is around the corner

With the fresh, budding leaves

Amidst the green shoots, daffodils sprout.

Allow me to give you the hope of spring,

With a branch of plum blossom – a gift of nature

Harmonious nature returned from the storm

Of yin and yang transformations.

Imagine a world without crises,

Without fears or tears,

Where joyful chimes interrupt tranquillity –

Where people are together.

Composing the song of harmony

The symphony of human civilisation

After all, life is a dream

A dream of happiness

Ode to the New Generation

Oh my dear granddaughter


I want to give you all the colours of life,

As you are the result of love

And the distillation of human enlightenment.

For you are the future,

The new generation,

That will bring hope to this earth.

It is time,

To move towards timelessness;

Towards the hope for immortality,

And the longing for eternity.

In your radiant smile

I see a glimpse of hope for the future.

I sing to the joy of your becoming!

Your existence

Is expressed

In the words and deeds

Of your ancestor,

Recorded in the history of time.

And yet,

What has been in the past,

That of your father

And your mother,

And the mother of your father,

And the father of your mother,

And the mother and father

Of your grandmother and grandfather.

Looking back to your ancestors,

The human race.

All this

Is only a fleeting moment

In the existence of the universe.

But a beautiful life

Is now yours.

In this unique moment

There is hope,

There is life.

Seize this moment in time!

Embrace happiness.

Embrace the beauty of life.

For you,

Let the flowers bloom,

And let the fruits be fulfilled.

1st January 2011

Thinking of Dear Ones From Afar – A Butterfly’s Dream – At The Moment of Emotion During the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

Written according to the Classical poetic style from the Song Dynasty Si Yuan Ren

In this night of emotion
The moon is shining above,
The thought of dear ones
From afar,
Lingering and subtle
Like the taste of wine,
Upon this festivity
Of the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.
With distant continents
Beyond the sea,
Where the flowers
Are abundant,
Blossoming with many splendid fragrances;
While the butterflies are dreaming
Of the old sage Zhuan Zhou (1).
Covered by the abundance of red maple leaves,
With the golden yellow of chrysanthemum,
This paradise is the magic land of fairies
In which our ancestors
Amused themselves in this garden of heaven.
Down here on earth,
May I ask when do laughters
Spread like natters,
And joys abound?
Uniting the sun and the moon
From midnight to noon,
Our tender love,
Our unending care.
The many emotions of being,
Are the magical ingredients
Of this mysterious world.

(1)  Zhuan Zhou (Zhuan Tze) is a famous philosopher of the Warring State period who had a dream of butterfly to illustrate his philosophical logic. Here I am reversing the roles with a poetic notion of the butterfly that is dreaming of Zhuan Zhou.

The Song of Genuine Qi

First featured in the letter to the WFCMS Chairman, 23rd August, 2011

In the rain,
In the wind,
On this island of England
A sad but noble song is sang,
With the great dragons flying
And raging in a battle ,
In the spirit of Chinese Medicine,
The struggle between
The genuine and the evil .
Where comes the devilish worm
That turns earth into dung?
Is harmony the road?
Or that of fame and power?
Wander not in fogginess, my friend.
Open up your eyes
To see the greater horizon,
Where the loyal heroes dwell.
For the future is misty,
Only the stars are friends
In the darkness of night.
When the Evil Qi is exuberant
I ask the heaven,
When will it wane?
The sad earth answers;
This is the way of Yin and Yang.
Come will be the time
When the Genuine Qi is abundant in this world.
The renaissance of the spirit of Chinese Medicine
Will envelop our noble circles.
Dare to create, my friends
A civilised world,
Follow the footsteps of our ancient sages
And have peace in your hearts.

满江红 正邪吟









by Man Fong Mei

The Quantum Observer

Thoughts on the occasion of the Chinese New Year, 3rd February 2011

I am a quantum observer.
I look at myself
Deep into the mirror.
The observer is observing
Himself as an observer,
Just like the immortals
Observing men,
Observing the universe
In a multitude of universal mirrors.
Light, photons
Dance in reflections.
I see myself everywhere
And anywhere.
I see myself as a man
And as a woman.
As a woman within a man,
And as a man within a woman.
The Yin and Yang of existence
Transcends the quantum observer,
Into an ocean of abstract thoughts.
Interacting, interconnecting,
Communicating without bounds.
My eyes,
Their eyes,
The third eye;
My brain,
Their brain,
The third brain
Of a quantum observer,
Translucent in the collective consciousness.
I am
In the grand void,
Without any details.
For the universal consciousness
Is pure and lucid
Like a mirror.
I saw myself
As a darting light,
In an empty space.
Now dark,
And now bright.
As a quantum observer
I look into my life,
This life,
Next life.
Am I the mind of the observer?
Or am I the heart of the observer?
The only thing that I need to know,
Is that
My consciousness is arriving,
To the end of the journey,
Arriving at my Shangri-La.