The Moment

This is the moment

I am in your presence

You are in my presence

Together we sip our tea of life

This is the moment

Together we indulge our imagination

The sweet memory of the past

The excitement for the future

The hope we share

In this winter air

Our presence together,

In celebration.


5 December 2013



Our Finest Hours

As he rose from his sunken bath

To take on the call of destiny;

He paced the sun-soaked study,

Filling the room

With his commanding words of action.

His energy is at the peak

That a warrior can ever muster.

Leaping over the books littered under his feet

He roared like a lion entering the battle.

He is the man that turned

Our darkest days into our finest hours,

The world has not been the same since.

The courage he displayed

In the face of tyranny,

In the Battle of Britain

He won us a new world of hope.

As we are facing a new battle

Against the crisis of greed,

The evil within

Is not unlike the evil without.

We shall raise our heads,

Gaze towards the beautiful green fields

Over the Kentish hills…

Ah, the vitality of life has always been with us!

The human spirit is always there for us to cherish

From the past to the present,

From the present to the future,

Generation after generation.

We shall live on with courage,

As the spirit of Churchill charts on

In his beloved Chartwell.

Sunday 31st March 2013

                                      At the home of Churchill

Freedom in the Poet’s Mind

You are a child under the tree.

Free to wander, free to explore.

Releasing the spirit, gathering in the soul.

Out of the shadow, bathing in the sun.

For innocence is the dynamic of youth.

Hesitate not, my noble poet

For freedom is your spirit,

And freedom is your innocence

Like a child’s heart,

And the energy of nature.

Express the moment in the poet’s lines,

Without hindrance, without constraint

Fear not,  

The darkness and dangers.

For risks are inherent in being alive.

With the dancing waves of light,

With the ritual of being

And the rhythm that revives.

Like a flower bud, ready to release

The energy of the sun,

To bloom into the beauty that surrounds.

Without fear or reservations,

Explode in colours,

Bring beauty to this world.  

For abundant in this universe

Is the dynamic of freedom.

Enrich your free will, my noble poet.

Every moment in your life

Is the expression of possibilities.

For in freedom

There is your happiness,

And there is your destiny.

Life comes in circles.

In the absolute freedom of circles,

There lies the freedom in the poet’s heart,

Body, mind and spirit.


Man Fong Mei

London – The Forum

 17th August 2012

Reflections on Life in Autumn Colours

Beware my friend,

The new world

That we created

Is not of machines and systems.

Beware my friend,

That your spirit is not corrupted

By the dashing colours

Of the push-button material world.

Lured by the neon signs of modernity,

The fascinating magic

Of financial derivatives;

The cat-and-mouse game

Of the regulator

And the regulated,


Is the spirit of the human being.

For myself I gain.

Be you a cat or a mouse, 

It may seem fun

For a brief moment.

But as cancer rots

In a noble civilisation,

Build not

The bureaucratic systems

Without soul,

Without passion

And the spirit of being.

Without nobility or greatness.

Without the motion of inspiration.   

Wither civilisation?

Can man control

The monstrous technical systems

He creates,

Or be enslaved

By his systems?

Do we eat just to survive

Or do we savour the taste and the colour?

I ask you my friend –

Is life purely functional?

Or are there deeper meanings

To our existence?

In the Spring of your life

Functions are your colours.

In the Summer of your life

The achievement you sought.

Upon the Autumn colours

The reflections you search.

The meaning you wished

To realise

Before a contented Winter arrives.

When your physical being


When time ceases to be relevant

When time is eternity

Into silent

Into pure consciousness

Of nothingness.

When the physical world exists without you

It is in the consciousness

That you exist.       


Man Fong Mei

16th August 2012

London – The Forum 

Random Thoughts – In the Mood for Philosophy

It arrived late,

But it has arrived…….

Time has its own logic.

The mysterious pace,

That no one can predict.

Yet it is on its way,

Always arrives,

In its own time,

Reveals itself eventually,

Inspiration is a mysterious thing

It comes unexpectedly,

With time,

With timelessness,

Yet inspiration is a fleeting moment in eternity

But with eternity

Inspiration brings…


 December 2009

In the sky somewhere between China and Europe

My Midsummer Dream

In the hot Summer night,

We were drunk with the poignant fragrance of a thousand flowers

Alas, we are coming to the end of the wild South

Along with the poetic allure of Autumn

With falling maple leaves

With the pungent aroma of Chrysanthemum

Waving to the frozen North,

The smiling plum blossoms

Signal the coming of Spring

In which warmth and comfort will be again

Inspiring the brave bamboo

To survive the snowy Winter

As Summer will come again


11th Nov. 2010


The Wedding Day

The mood of love


The morning.


With excitement,

Like a butterfly

Flattering in tension.

Like the flowers waiting

With expectation.

The fragrance of jasmine,

Hints of the intention,

Expectations have been spent

By the bride’s mates,

And the flower girls.

Beauty is the bride.

Seeking perfection

For her groom,

For his belief in love,

As she is already in one

That is true.

Which has the seed

To grow into eternity.

Love is like a pearl

In a father’s hands,

To be given away

With the brogue of

Many splendid fragrances,

To the man that found her,

Sworn to treasure, protect and love her

For ever thereafter.

The true love in the wedding day,

Transcends life into eternity.

18th Dec 2009


Bidding Farewell Under the Autumn Moon

As our minds meet

Under the full moon,

The night is bright.

The emotion is heightened.

We look at each other

Expressing our love,

Our longings in life

To be together

Through eternity. 

As the moments run on

Hour by hour,

Farewell my dear ones.

For tomorrow,

As the journey begins,

We will be apart.

Amidst the laughter

Of the young

The innocent ones,

And the fragrance

Of our wine,

Our eyes set upon

The round moon cakes.

Our lives have come

To a completion.

It is here where our departures

Begin a new circle,

Where we will meet again.

Let’s celebrate

Dear ones,

The delightful moments

In the journey of our being 

For eternity, irrelevant of time

Is the continuation of moments.

And in these moments

We can truly savour life.

And it is in these moments

That we find the meaning

Of eternity;

The present

Is where the past and the future meet.

Farewell my dear ones.

May your lives be truly fulfilled.



Man Fong Mei


15th September 2012

The Hope of Spring – Reflections in Regents Park

Imagine my friend;
The smell of spring
Is around the corner,
With the fresh leaves
Budding amidst the green shoots,
Daffodils sprout.
Allow me
To give you
The hope of spring,
With a branch of plum blossom
A gift of nature.
Harmonious nature
Returned from the storm
Of yin and yang transformations.
Imagine a world
Without crises,
Without sorrow,
Without fears and tears,Westminster 22 May 2012
Where joyful chimes
Interrupt tranquillity.
Where despair
Is dispelled.
Where the sick are healed.
Where people are together.
Singing the song
Of harmony,
The symphony
Of human civilisation;
After all, life is a dream
A dream of happiness.
As we walk,
On the road of life,
From spring to winter,
Such beauty at every step.
With all the surprises
Round the corner,
With all the emotions
That life brings.
And this moment,
In the words
Of the wondering poet,
Is the sensation of being,
That no words can reveal.

Man Fong Mei


24 May 2012