Gathering of the Basel Circle on Chinese Medicine and Paradigm Shift in Medicine

A seminar was held on 22-23 June in Basel, organised by Professor Claus Schnorrenberger of the Lifu College of Chinese Medicine, attended by experts from various fields. Amongst the audience were doctors from Germany, Denmark and the Basel University.

The theme of the meetings was centred on the presentation of acupuncture techniques expanded in the Ling Shu in the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Chinese Medicine. Professor Schnorrenberger’s explanation of the significance of yin and yang in meridian differentiation was laced with a critique of both the evidence based medicine and the current Western practice of acupuncture. Throughout his presentation he drew parallels from quantum physics to illustrate the modern relevance of the content of Ling Shu in contemporary practice.

Professor Man Fong Mei delivered an update on the latest discoveries in quantum physics and the standard model. The quantum field theory, along with other universal force fields, were cited to support the concept of Qi within Chinese medicine and their role in fostering the ‘biofield’ of the body. The theoretical projection in supersymmetry and the experimental significance of the Higgs bosons, neutrinos and antimatter in particle physics were considered in parallel with the Chinese medical concept of Yin and Yang to explain the mutual transformation of life and universal consciousness.

The tangible and intangible manifestations of Qi were described in the phenomenon of Jing Qi Shen within Chinese medicine. Professor Mei went on to expand this theoretical principle in clinical applications, especially in relation to physical disorders caused by psychosomatic pathogenesis and vice-versa.

Case studies of patients with treatment demonstrations were also presented at the seminar.

The evening dinner discussion in which the Basel Circle was formed to continue towards the intellectual and clinical brainstorming mimicked the Copenhagen Circle. It was decided that such gathering should continue to promote a paradigm shift in medicine.

Towards Enlightenment

In the vigorous motion of the river Rhine,

Waves after waves,

The energy of life

Flows with the water

Through the ancient town of Basel.

Afar, the cathedral spire

Piercing into the sky,

Sounding the bells of regeneration,

Of energy,

Of the Yin and Yang,

Of neutrinos and positrons.

Friends old and new are gathering

In a jubilant mood,

Bringing together

A special consciousness.

In a collective discovery,

The creative possibilities

Of the Qi of life,

Is once more.

Manifesting in our hearts and minds,

The vision of a new paradigm

Brings us hope.

The universal urge to move forward

Towards enlightenment

Is awakened once more;

There upon, the Circle of Basel was born.


Man Fong Mei

28th June 2013