The Methodology and Epistemology of the Current Paradigm Shifts in Medicine – Summary Report

For the first time ever, Professor Man Fong Mei and Professor Claus Schnorrenberger opened the doors on their discussion of the shifting paradigms in Chinese and Western medicine. What was originally planned as a private meeting to exchange notes on an ambitious book collaboration was turned into an open public event with interactive lectures and a boundless conversation on the essential principles of Chinese Medicine and their relevance to you. On Saturday 27th April seats for this special event were filled in the Forum at the AcuMedic Centre in Lodnon.

Professor Schnorrenberger shared an illuminating overview of the intellectual foundations and scientific roots of Chinese medicine and acupuncture while dispelling the common Western misinterpretations and addressing the merit-less criticisms. Having accomplished an authoritative translation of the earliest acupuncture textbook and accumulated decades in experience of practising and teaching Chinese and Western medicine, he now holds a truly integrative perspective on what the future of medicine should be. All this was touched upon in just one brief and friendly presentation.

The discoveries in quantum physics cannot be ignored because quantum mechanics hold our key to seeing the invisible workings of medicine. Professor Mei, also a physician and lecturer in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, outlined some of the latest findings in this exciting branch of scientific enquiry as well as his own study of Qi in physics. The Quantum Field theory, the Symmetry Principle, the Uncertainty Principle and the Entropy theory, amongst other ideas, are relevant to new medicine because they can help us understand the wisdom of the traditional healing arts. Indeed, the next book capable of enlightening the West about Chinese Medicine will require contribution from a physicist.

The presentations perfectly set up an open discussion amongst a diverse audience comprising acupuncturists, medical students, medical science researchers and patients about the essential nature of human beings, the fundamentals of happiness and how Chinese Medicine and Western science can be integrated.

Professor Mei and Professor Schnorrenberger will continue to collaborate as they step up to realise their innovative book project and we hope to share something with you soon.

Professor Man Fong Mei is Executive Chairman, Advisory Committee for Working of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, Chairman of the Chinese Medical Institute and Register (CMIR,UK) and the Chinese Medical Council (CMC, UK)

Professor Claus Schnorrenberger is President of the International Association of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine