Our Finest Hours

As he rose from his sunken bath

To take on the call of destiny;

He paced the sun-soaked study,

Filling the room

With his commanding words of action.

His energy is at the peak

That a warrior can ever muster.

Leaping over the books littered under his feet

He roared like a lion entering the battle.

He is the man that turned

Our darkest days into our finest hours,

The world has not been the same since.

The courage he displayed

In the face of tyranny,

In the Battle of Britain

He won us a new world of hope.

As we are facing a new battle

Against the crisis of greed,

The evil within

Is not unlike the evil without.

We shall raise our heads,

Gaze towards the beautiful green fields

Over the Kentish hills…

Ah, the vitality of life has always been with us!

The human spirit is always there for us to cherish

From the past to the present,

From the present to the future,

Generation after generation.

We shall live on with courage,

As the spirit of Churchill charts on

In his beloved Chartwell.

Sunday 31st March 2013

                                      At the home of Churchill