Happy Chinese New Year of the Snake!

Welcome to 2013 – the year of the ‘Black Water Snake’! This is the year of mystery and change. Exciting times are ahead.

With the help of Chinese astrology, here are the AcuMedic’s tips for how to be successful and make the most of the luck coming your way in this intriguing year. The Snake is the 6th in the 12 signs of the Chinese Zodiac, so you are now half-way through your journey in the zodiac cycle.

This year, make sure to focus on your well-being and of those close to you because good health and self-discipline will be the key to your success in 2013. Now is finally the time to accept the responsibility for your own success and happiness. Decide what you want to achieve and do your best to make it happen.

2013 is the year of the Water Snake. In Chinese culture this is a sign of luck with money. There will be some money coming your way this year but you must think carefully before spending or investing.

People born under the sign of the Water Snake are sociable and considerate of others. This year, make the extra effort to help those around you. Do this and you will be rewarded.

In the year 2013 the colour of the Snake is Black and the element this time is Water – ‘black water’ symbolises mystery and volatility. Therefore, the year of the Black Water Snake will bring unexpected changes, as well as unwanted surprises to those who do not exercise caution when making decisions. Make sure you pay close attention to details when signing agreements! The ability to analyse and discern will be especially useful in 2013. Plan your projects carefully. Do not overspend or take any unnecessary risks.

The characteristics of the Snake are charm, adaptability and grace. Let’s hope that this year we can learn how to deal with other people with a charming smile and how to engender harmony around the world.

My new e-Letter on the heart and mind in medicine – which will soon be available on his blog – will include more information about the importance of the Chinese zodiac in relation to your health and the types of syndromes that people may suffer from during the year of the Snake, according to the zodiac and your body’s organ system. I will suggest how you can maintain and invigorate your health.

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