East-West Integrative Approach to Pain at the Annual Meeting of The British Pain Society

The Pain Society meetings invite healthcare professionals involved in the management and understanding of pain to present their ideas and solutions to the oldest challenge in medicine.

Professor Man Fong Mei, Chairman of the Chinese Medical Institute and Register UK, attended the British Pain Society Autumn Meeting on 5th November 2010 to give a lecture entitled Pain Management and Treatment with Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.

In his lecture, Professor Mei introduced to the audience the Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine techniques in the management and treatment of pain, as well as modern techniques such as electro-acupuncture, TENS and laser acupuncture. He explained how Chinese Medicine treats the body through Syndrome Differentiation and utilises Chinese herbs and acupuncture as the main methods of treatment.

Professor Mei started the lecture against the background of Western pain research whose findings show that the brain triggers off the body’s processes of recovery from pain and restoration of the homeostasis, and introduced Chinese Medicine as the theory and practice of augmenting and regulating these self-healing mechanisms and restoring the body’s energetic balance.

The aim of the lecture was to promote the integration of Western and Chinese medical approaches to pain management and cure for the benefit of the patients. Judging by the feedback, the lecture was a real success. The audience were fascinated and engaged by Chinese Medicine. They felt educated about the topic and appreciated seeing something unfamiliar to them being clearly presented in a familiar form. The passion of Professor Mei’s talk was also admired.

5th November 2010