The Wedding Day

The mood of love


The morning.


With excitement,

Like a butterfly

Flattering in tension.

Like the flowers waiting

With expectation.

The fragrance of jasmine,

Hints of the intention,

Expectations have been spent

By the bride’s mates,

And the flower girls.

Beauty is the bride.

Seeking perfection

For her groom,

For his belief in love,

As she is already in one

That is true.

Which has the seed

To grow into eternity.

Love is like a pearl

In a father’s hands,

To be given away

With the brogue of

Many splendid fragrances,

To the man that found her,

Sworn to treasure, protect and love her

For ever thereafter.

The true love in the wedding day,

Transcends life into eternity.

18th Dec 2009