Freedom in the Poet’s Mind

You are a child under the tree.

Free to wander, free to explore.

Releasing the spirit, gathering in the soul.

Out of the shadow, bathing in the sun.

For innocence is the dynamic of youth.

Hesitate not, my noble poet

For freedom is your spirit,

And freedom is your innocence

Like a child’s heart,

And the energy of nature.

Express the moment in the poet’s lines,

Without hindrance, without constraint

Fear not,  

The darkness and dangers.

For risks are inherent in being alive.

With the dancing waves of light,

With the ritual of being

And the rhythm that revives.

Like a flower bud, ready to release

The energy of the sun,

To bloom into the beauty that surrounds.

Without fear or reservations,

Explode in colours,

Bring beauty to this world.  

For abundant in this universe

Is the dynamic of freedom.

Enrich your free will, my noble poet.

Every moment in your life

Is the expression of possibilities.

For in freedom

There is your happiness,

And there is your destiny.

Life comes in circles.

In the absolute freedom of circles,

There lies the freedom in the poet’s heart,

Body, mind and spirit.


Man Fong Mei

London – The Forum

 17th August 2012