World Crisis and the Enlightened Being – The Inaugural Announcement by the Global Health Synergy Group

A CMIR[1]-sponsored round-table discussion on a global synergy in health consciousness was held at the AcuMedic Forum on 24th August 2012. The participants – Professor Amit Goswami, Professor Marco Bischof, Nicholas Williams and myself –  focused on how the new discoveries in biomedicine and quantum physics are influencing some of the current thinking in health and medicine.

Medicine of the future was considered in light of the bridging between quantum science and the quantum body, and how biophotonic emission of resonance[2] influences consciousness. A new paradigm of health and healing was projected. It is influenced by our understanding of energetics in their non-material form and beyond their physical and material manifestations.

‘Global Synergy on Health Consciousness’ - inaugural round-table meeting 24th August 2012 at the AcuMedic Forum

Biophysicists and quantum physicists are now conceiving the existence of a ‘universal collective consciousness’. This may drive forward a paradigm shift in the way we understand health and the practice of healing.

The integrative future of medicine was also considered at the round-table discussion, not only in terms of modern science, but also in terms of the philosophical essence of traditional natural and holistic forms of medicine. Professor Mei expressed the parallels between the thinking of Chinese Medicine and the new physics of the Quantum Field theory and the Standard Model.

The discussion touched upon the behavioural differences between the fermions (especially the energetic properties of quarks and leptons such as electrons) and bosons[3] (especially in relation to weak electromagnetic and strong nuclear forces as well as the mass-giver Higgs boson). Together with the functional activities of the composite particles such as the photon, the three differ in their influence over the body’s energetic activities that affect our psychosomatic and physical health. There are interesting parallels between the discovery of anti-matter[4] and its implications for our own understanding of health and diseases in relation to time (or ageing), and, our understanding of health regulation (‘Yang Sheng’) in Chinese Medicine.

Nicholas Williams expressed the harmonic understanding of music in relation to equilibrium and the role of homeostasis in a human body’s organism. The notion of harmonic resonance and its influence over the psycho-emotional well-being is in tune with the practice of balancing the body’s Yin and Yang elements as part of Syndrome Differentiation of diseases in Chinese Medicine. Professor Bischof showed his agreement by proposing ‘man as the cosmic resonator in a participative universe’ while Professor Goswami explained his concept of ‘science within consciousness’.

That three-hour intensive discussion stimulated a real desire for a further round-table meeting to be convened immediately and on a larger scale. The opportunity was right there – on Sunday 26th August. Despite the short notice (about a day), twenty-eight experts and professionals from various backgrounds attended the meeting to discuss the current state of our world, and the possibility of a paradigm shift to a new and more enlightened human civilisation.  

The premise of the discussion was a critical consideration of how the current world economic crisis has spilled out into a wider crisis in human values. The guests moved from discussing the intellectual fermentation of a new enlightened civilisation to debating the possible practical steps for changing our world, such as using education to influence people’s consciousness and perception of health, as well as the more personal efforts which each individual should make in their everyday lives. Therefore, the concept of the enlightened human being who is holistically linked within and without, as emphasised in the Eastern tradition of inner cultivation towards a universal consciousness and moral virtue, was discussed.  This was contrasted with the Western tradition of liberating the individual and the full potential of their creativity. However, the focus of the discussion was on how to synergise both modes of being.

The consensus from the forum was that the world is in crisis, and that human evolution is about to embark on a paradigm shift in intellectual and social values. A new Axial Era[5] is upon us similar to the period 800 to 200 BC during which revolutionary thinking appeared in both East and West simultaneously. With the move of economic powerhouse to the East, Western scientific materialism, the consumer society and economic determinism are now encountering a re-emergence of the Eastern philosophical traditions. A synergistic convergence is encouraged by preserving harmonic divergence. In such a process, a new enlightened being may evolve through a pursuit of noble attainment of a civilisation free from material needs and financial greed.

What are the practical steps that we can take to achieve a global collective consciousness and avoid a human apocalypse? In response to this question it was agreed that each individual person can start with his/her own self, and this will reverberate through their immediate circles and influence positive changes.

Those in the influential fields such as media and education are encouraged to incorporate the spread of ‘non-locality quantum consciousness’ proposed by Drs Hurtak. An observer from the business circle suggested that China is about to embark on a healthcare revolution which may have important implications to the new paradigm of health and medicine being discussed. It was also suggested that this new consciousness of health can be implemented in many artistic and architectural fields as well as filtered into health and fitness education.

Lifestyle choices such as preferring organic and environmentally friendly foods, products and housing are ways to promote our aims. Researchers and clinicians in the medical and health professions are among the most obvious groups that can implement meaningful change into practice. A suggestion was made to reform the healthcare system and make it more focused on needs rather than money.

These are my personal thoughts which have resulted from the meetings but they do not represent a summary of the proceedings. Contributions from those who attended are urged to follow the momentum thus created. The ‘Global Health Synergy Group’ is now set up for email exchanges. At the appropriate moment we can propose further meetings and the creation of monographs to spread our ideas. Media projects such as film and television could be a good way to further our aim.

Man Fong Mei 

London 8th September 2012   


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[1] The Chinese Medical Institute and Register, London (CMIR)

[2] BIOPHOTONIC EMISSION OF RESONANCE: Weak electromagnetic radiation of living biological cells.

[3] All fundamental particles in nature can be divided into one of two categorie, Fermions or Bosons

[4] In particle physics, antimatter is material composed of antiparticles, which have the same mass as particles of ordinary matter but have opposite charge and qantum spin.

[5] Axial Era is the period from 800 to 200 BC, during which, according to German philosopher Karl Jaspers, when similar revolutionary thinking appeared in Persia, India, China and the Occident.