Time Stood Still on Hampstead Heath

Gazing across the green field

Into the far, far

Distant skyline of London,


The birds stopped chirping.

The air is still.

The white clouds,

The blue sky,

Like a painting.

Time stood still on Hampstead Heath.

This moment of pure magic,

No tension,

No stress.

When time is irrelevant,

All the problems of this world

Are at a pause,

Irrelevant in my mind.

A perfect synthesis was just born;

Where Yin and Yang meet in the middle,

Where heaven and earth merge,

Where man and nature synthesise.

A sense of ageless eternity

When youth is not youth,

Old is not old.

The paradox of being


I am one,

With time,

Into eternity…

Man Fong Mei


10th August 2012