Dr C D Perko’s Response to MFM E-Letter No. 11 Conceiving Yin and Yang - The Socio-Economic Interpretation 悟在阴阳-社会经济观

Dear Prof. Mei,

Thank you very much for your letter re the above which I have enjoyed very much and found the page 15 particulary beautiful.

I would like if I may enclose few of my own observations and conclusion to which I came during my long medical practice and a brief exposure to Chinese medecine since 2008.

I feel that the equilibrium you are writing about can only work if its in dynamic form ,we must rejoyce in our differences which unite us and must not strive for equality which would be manifested in energetic nirvana and death. The difference is the engine of all movement in life but as you pointed out it must be borne on the wings of harmony and not inequality.

I agree with you that virtual Yin is divorced from reality and cannot work but virtual Yang is a useful tool as a preccusor and a tool for imagination which supports human “tinkering” which has been in  the forefront of human progress.

Benign competition is good because it leads into inventions but is bad when it turns into greed.

I was going to ask you re the title: Conceiving theYin and Yang, we do not conceive it it is there already we maybe percieve it ,become aware of it or reawaken it ??? or have I misunderstood the meaning of your thoughts?

With kind regards and best wishes

Dr C D Perko

My own reply to Dr Christopher D Perko

Dear Dr C D Perko,

I am very glad that you have enjoyed my E-Letter. I agree with your observations and conclusions during your long medical practice that “equilibrium” can only work in a dynamic form that rejoices in our “differences”. Harmony is inclusive of differences like an orchestra with different instruments performing the symphony of life. Variety adds colours to human existence and makes human progress inspiring. As mentioned in my E-Letter we cannot have absolute balance because of the progressive dynamics that are engendered by the competitive forces of yin and yang. But these forces have to be contained by certain moral remits beneficial to the overall social development. The current financial crisis is caused by unjust imbalances qualitatively (in terms of morals) and quantitatively in terms of wealth.

The reason why I used the expression “conceiving yin and yang” instead of ‘perceiving yin and yang’ is due to the following differences between the two words:

1) To conceive is to achieve a reality through perception and total involvement in the process of the birth of that idea that can be translated from theory to practice. Like a woman conceiving a baby. This involves objectivity as well as subjectivity.

2) To perceive tends to refer to an observer who is comprehending objectively a certain idea or reality without being personally involved in the birth of that idea.

I hope the above clarifies my choice in using the word ‘conceiving’ instead of ‘perceiving’ yin and yang.

Yours sincerely,

Man Fong Mei