Professor Kelvin Chan’s Response to MFM E-Letter No. 11 Conceiving Yin and Yang - The Socio-Economic Interpretation 悟在阴阳-社会经济观

Hi Benny,

It is nice to receive your e-letter again. It always gives me pleasure to read your letter and learn something from you. Hope you are keeping well with the depression covering EU again. I shall take some time to read this edition as I am travelling again to London Canada then to HK in a acouple of weeks, not to mention the present commitments at hand.

Take care

All the best


My own reply to Professor Kelvin Chan

Dear Kelvin,

Nice to hear from you. As you can see from my E-newsletter, we’re keeping positive with the depressing situation looming over the UK and the Eurozone. As the poems in the Chinese version of my E-newsletter say, the return of Spring will certainly come after the hard Winter. It is with this spirit that I wish to convey to my readers the message that they should not despair.

Wishing you happy travelling to Canada

Yours sincerely,