Andrew K.P. Leung’s Response to the MFM E-Letter No.11 – Conceiving Yin and Yang - The Socio-Economic Interpretation 悟在阴阳-社会经济观

Dear Professor Mei,

Nice to hear from you. Simply brilliant.

I have rarely uploaded articles on to my website. Subjest to your permission I have done so tentatively. Please see

Best regards,


My own reply to Andrew KP Leung:

Dear Andrew,

Your comments bring me courage and inspire me to go further in my research.

Although economics is not one of my specialised fields, however I have found parallels between many of the specialist branches of knowledge that one may overlook.

The web woven over the civilisations and man’s search for survival, well-being and the meaning of existence provided us with the strength to persevere.

Likewise, I have found many of your writings very insightful. Let us co-inspire in the future.

Thank you for putting my paper on your website. I will acknowledge this in my MFM Blog.

Man Fong Mei