The Hope of Spring – Reflections in Regents Park

Imagine my friend;
The smell of spring
Is around the corner,
With the fresh leaves
Budding amidst the green shoots,
Daffodils sprout.
Allow me
To give you
The hope of spring,
With a branch of plum blossom
A gift of nature.
Harmonious nature
Returned from the storm
Of yin and yang transformations.
Imagine a world
Without crises,
Without sorrow,
Without fears and tears,Westminster 22 May 2012
Where joyful chimes
Interrupt tranquillity.
Where despair
Is dispelled.
Where the sick are healed.
Where people are together.
Singing the song
Of harmony,
The symphony
Of human civilisation;
After all, life is a dream
A dream of happiness.
As we walk,
On the road of life,
From spring to winter,
Such beauty at every step.
With all the surprises
Round the corner,
With all the emotions
That life brings.
And this moment,
In the words
Of the wondering poet,
Is the sensation of being,
That no words can reveal.

Man Fong Mei


24 May 2012