Random Thoughts, In the Mood for Philosophy

It arrived late,

But it has arrived…….

Time has its own logics.

The mysterious pace,

That no one can predict.

Yet it is on its way,

Always arrives,

In its own time,

Reveals itself eventually,

Inspiration is a mysterious thing

It comes unexpectedly,

With time,

With timelessness,

Yet inspiration is a fleeting moment in eternity,

But with eternity

Inspiration brings…

When you wait,

Maybe it’s too late;

When coincidences meet,

It’s time

Must not be missed.

In the connectedness of our destiny,

When a coincidence’s time is missed

An accident becomes.

As all things

In this universe

Are free from the preordains;

Yet, the coincidences of becoming

Escape not, the change of time.

There is only one constant,

The dynamic of time;

Through Dao

Yin and Yang multiply,

In the multitude of serendipities,


Are these the deeds of gods,

Or the realm of Tai Ji?

Man Fong Mei 梅万方

London 伦敦,

Written on 8th March 2010

Completed on 4th May 2012