LiYa – The Realm of Beauty and Grace

Welcome to this Earth,

My dear beauty.

Your presence brings me an air of grace,

Amidst the clouds

A little dragon glides through space.

Descending upon us,

The many splendid things

That you bring,

Harmony in the Spring.

Like magic sprinkles

Upon the blossoming flowers

Imagine, all around us

Teeming with fresh life,

The landscape of this earth


Looking at your face,

I feel the embodiment of tranquillity.

Looking at your eyes,

I feel the depth of your perception.

Radiating from your smile,

I conceive your confidence,

With the confidence of hope,

Together, we embrace nature.

And yet, it is the nature that gave rise to you

Through the magic of Chinese Medicine

That your breech was turned.

From Heaven to Earth

You descend;

To bring the balancing dynamics of harmony

To us all.

Thus, happiness thaws

Into the warm earth

After the Winter’s snow

Spring comes,

And we are full of hopes.

Man Fong Mei

18th April 2012


              Written after the birth of my granddaughter LiYa