Being Without Fear

Into this world with hope,
Just like Spring,
The vibrancy of life
That all creatures bring.
Nature sprouts
Into a multi-coloured world of flowers;
And the birds are chirping,
As the song of life is sung.
We know no fear,
We feel no sadness,
We only have hope,
We only have the future.
In the Summer,
Fruits and flowers abundant.
In the joy of life,
The fear of Autumn
Not in our mind;
As if it’s a second Spring.
We live a life without fear!
I can see
Deep inside me,
There is this vanity,
That I live in eternity.
When I am smiling,
The world seems like a better place,
That turns my hope into a miracle.
Is it reality,
When my eyes open?
Or is it a dream,
When my eyes are closed?
I thought of the universe,
And the universe is my thought.
This conceptual universe
Is it mind over matter,
Or matter over mind?
Living in the material world,
The tangible becomes intangible.
As our physical existence perishes,
Our consciousness remains.
A pure abstract existence,
Interacting with all the possibilities,
That exist in this universe,
And the reality is now.
My thoughts of today,
Determine the reality of the future.
I live with no fear,
Even when the day comes,
That my physical existence is no more.
As this is a universe of concepts,
Ideas and perceptions,
In collective consciousness,
In pure abstractness
Of existence.
The universe of thoughts
Is awe-inspiring!
I bathe in the ocean of the universe,
Waves after waves,
Moving forward,
And yet moving backwards,
Moving upwards,
And yet downward,
Moving outward,
And yet inward.
Deep inside this timeless zone,
Connecting with all the elements
Of this world beyond worlds.
My senses can no longer reach
The dimension of existence,
Beyond the physical world.
Only my consciousness
Connects to oneness.
The oneness
Of this universe,
And beyond,
Into the multitude of universes,
Into nothingness,
Into the beginning.
My journey of being,
At a time of pure consciousness,
At a time of pure infinity.
It is the time of zero,
In pure harmony.

9th February 2011

The Forum