Thinking of Dear Ones From Afar – A Butterfly’s Dream – At The Moment of Emotion During the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

Written according to the Classical poetic style from the Song Dynasty Si Yuan Ren

In this night of emotion
The moon is shining above,
The thought of dear ones
From afar,
Lingering and subtle
Like the taste of wine,
Upon this festivity
Of the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.
With distant continents
Beyond the sea,
Where the flowers
Are abundant,
Blossoming with many splendid fragrances;
While the butterflies are dreaming
Of the old sage Zhuan Zhou (1).
Covered by the abundance of red maple leaves,
With the golden yellow of chrysanthemum,
This paradise is the magic land of fairies
In which our ancestors
Amused themselves in this garden of heaven.
Down here on earth,
May I ask when do laughters
Spread like natters,
And joys abound?
Uniting the sun and the moon
From midnight to noon,
Our tender love,
Our unending care.
The many emotions of being,
Are the magical ingredients
Of this mysterious world.

(1)  Zhuan Zhou (Zhuan Tze) is a famous philosopher of the Warring State period who had a dream of butterfly to illustrate his philosophical logic. Here I am reversing the roles with a poetic notion of the butterfly that is dreaming of Zhuan Zhou.