The Tale of Two Tigers

I am a scientific tiger.
For me,
Before I prey
I would measure the steps,
The angle of my bounce
And my risk-benefit ratios,
Before I go for the kill.

I am an instinctive tiger,
I bounce on my prey
Whenever my blood
Rushes to my brain.
I trust my instincts,
And my natural skill
Inherited from my parents.

I am a zebra,
I love the scientific tiger.
He gives me a sense,
A wonderful sense of security
That I will escape
From the scientific moment,
Which is too late.
He always gives me time,
Time to escape
While he ponders
With gentle hesitation.

Unlike his brother Tiger
That bounces with
The unpredictable instinct
Makes the precision of
So unpredictable,
So powerfully awesome.
So little chance,
That I will escape my fate
Since this is the nature of nature.
Life and death prevail.

30th March 2010 (Year of the Tiger)