The Song of Genuine Qi

First featured in the letter to the WFCMS Chairman, 23rd August, 2011

In the rain,
In the wind,
On this island of England
A sad but noble song is sang,
With the great dragons flying
And raging in a battle ,
In the spirit of Chinese Medicine,
The struggle between
The genuine and the evil .
Where comes the devilish worm
That turns earth into dung?
Is harmony the road?
Or that of fame and power?
Wander not in fogginess, my friend.
Open up your eyes
To see the greater horizon,
Where the loyal heroes dwell.
For the future is misty,
Only the stars are friends
In the darkness of night.
When the Evil Qi is exuberant
I ask the heaven,
When will it wane?
The sad earth answers;
This is the way of Yin and Yang.
Come will be the time
When the Genuine Qi is abundant in this world.
The renaissance of the spirit of Chinese Medicine
Will envelop our noble circles.
Dare to create, my friends
A civilised world,
Follow the footsteps of our ancient sages
And have peace in your hearts.

满江红 正邪吟









by Man Fong Mei