The Quantum Observer

Thoughts on the occasion of the Chinese New Year, 3rd February 2011

I am a quantum observer.
I look at myself
Deep into the mirror.
The observer is observing
Himself as an observer,
Just like the immortals
Observing men,
Observing the universe
In a multitude of universal mirrors.
Light, photons
Dance in reflections.
I see myself everywhere
And anywhere.
I see myself as a man
And as a woman.
As a woman within a man,
And as a man within a woman.
The Yin and Yang of existence
Transcends the quantum observer,
Into an ocean of abstract thoughts.
Interacting, interconnecting,
Communicating without bounds.
My eyes,
Their eyes,
The third eye;
My brain,
Their brain,
The third brain
Of a quantum observer,
Translucent in the collective consciousness.
I am
In the grand void,
Without any details.
For the universal consciousness
Is pure and lucid
Like a mirror.
I saw myself
As a darting light,
In an empty space.
Now dark,
And now bright.
As a quantum observer
I look into my life,
This life,
Next life.
Am I the mind of the observer?
Or am I the heart of the observer?
The only thing that I need to know,
Is that
My consciousness is arriving,
To the end of the journey,
Arriving at my Shangri-La.