The Poetry of Nature

I live the poetry of nature,
I live an inspired life.
I’ve sung the song
Of my heart
Fulfilled in its glory.
I struggle and I laugh,
I whisper and I smile,
With all my emotion,
That is life.
I hope and I dream
That my existence
Adds to the positive forces of nature,
Towards the ultimate balance,
Towards harmony.
I live not only in words
But in deeds,
In the deeds that have no words;
For the real is good,
And the good is real.
My destiny, my being
Is to be a spark
In the darkness of this universe.
To survive,
To exist,
Feeling all the pleasures,
And the suffering,
Togetherness and partings,
The success and the failure.
In happiness and in desperation,
I live the life of inspiration,
In the poetry of nature.

Let us bring beauty to this life.
Let us rejuvenate
From decay and greed
That plague this earth.
Let us be the positive force,
The energy of good.
Let us fight and push back
The forces of darkness,
For the continuation of life,
For our children’s future.

The blossoming flowers,
The thriving bees,
Symbolise human consciousness
Sensing what is good
And good will come.
This is the poetry
In nature.