The Dream of a Quantum Dancer

During the night of the Chinese New Year, 3rd February 2011 in London

I am a butterfly,
Far beyond this world,
And deep inside
The quantum world.
I dance
In visual music
With the waves of electrons,
With hypnotised eyes,
With magnetic feet
Negatively charged.
Wave after wave
In an ocean of moving particles.
I dance
Like a butterfly,
From flower to flower,
From particle to particle.
I am an electron.
You see me here,
Then you see me there.
I live in a dream of uncertainty.
I am here.
And there.
And everywhere.
There is no distance
That can separate me
From my atoms.
Deep inside the Planck’s scale,
I leap with ease
To the atoms of the other world.
Down the passage,
The passage to another world
With no distance at all,
As my dance
Is a quantum dance.
A darting light
In the dark empty space.
My sacred journey,
My destiny
In the expanding space,
Is to be nothing.
My sacred journey
Is my secret destiny.
Towards harmony.
Towards emptiness.
Towards nothingness.
My dance will end
When there are waves no more,
When there are no more bosons and quarks.
With my proton
I transform
Into a positron.
When the quanta cease,
I cease,
In the boundless void
Of universal perfect balance.