Ode to the New Generation

Oh my dear granddaughter


I want to give you all the colours of life,

As you are the result of love

And the distillation of human enlightenment.

For you are the future,

The new generation,

That will bring hope to this earth.

It is time,

To move towards timelessness;

Towards the hope for immortality,

And the longing for eternity.

In your radiant smile

I see a glimpse of hope for the future.

I sing to the joy of your becoming!

Your existence

Is expressed

In the words and deeds

Of your ancestor,

Recorded in the history of time.

And yet,

What has been in the past,

That of your father

And your mother,

And the mother of your father,

And the father of your mother,

And the mother and father

Of your grandmother and grandfather.

Looking back to your ancestors,

The human race.

All this

Is only a fleeting moment

In the existence of the universe.

But a beautiful life

Is now yours.

In this unique moment

There is hope,

There is life.

Seize this moment in time!

Embrace happiness.

Embrace the beauty of life.

For you,

Let the flowers bloom,

And let the fruits be fulfilled.

1st January 2011