My Daughter’s Betrothal

The universality of love,
So boundless.
It is love that transforms the Earth.
It is love that symbolises
The bond of synergy
Between lovers.
The romantic notion sparkles.
Born is the family.
Born is the family of families,
That connect the world
In countries,
In nature,
That connects the Earth
In this wonderful pattern
Of universal holism.
No words can express
The father’s heart
At the moment of his daughter’s betrothal.
In the excitement of festivity
The white wedding veil,
The floor sweeping dress,
The scent of sweetness,
The murmur of excitement.
In my daughter’s heart
Love vibrates
With the laughters of the bridesmaid’s.
Towards her shining prince
Along the path of life,
Across the forest of eternity.
In the mood for love,
As the groom awaits
In the excitement of expectancy
For the twilight of tomorrow.
My daughter’s hand is in my arm.
The arms that give away
The tenderness of love,
And the lingering hope
That his happiness
Will be given away,
In transformation
For the continuation of love and happiness.
In my daughter’s heart,
Fostering a new hope.
The hope for her future
For her love and aspiration
That her life will blossom
And be fulfilled
In union
Of love, hope and happiness
That will bear fruit with her new man.
Born is a new family.
In the father’s heart
Her childhood memory
Her growing spirit
Her tears and laughters
With mother and brothers
The happy moments remain.

18th December 2009