Live an Inspired Life

Whatever you do,
Wherever you are,
In this life of yours
Be inspired!
Like the birds that sing
Every morning,
Till the evening,
The song of joy
And the satisfaction of toil.
Like the busy lily of the family
That bustles around with energy.
Like the bee that hums
Till the next day comes.
Like the rose that opens
For the love of her life.
With the subtle scent
Flowing in her fragrance,
Conveying her romantic senses
In the mood for seduction,
For love
That is life.
So many facets,
So many inspirations.
From the extraordinary
To the ordinary,
Inspiration can come
In every moment.
Moments that are ordinary for some,
But nonetheless,
Feeling inspired.
Searching for positivity
Of spaceless energy,
In the journey of time,
From beginning to the end.
And then the beginning again.
Only positive energy
Can carry us with hope,
Without despair,
Without fear,
In our own journey of life,
We aspire
For the goodness
Of being.
Such is the consciousness of existence,
Ubiquitous in this universe.
With all that surrounds you.
Alone you are
In this collective consciousness;
Feel the beauty of an inspired life.
For better or for worse,
In happiness,
In sadness.
Be inspired
My friend,
Only in inspiration
There is hope.
There is beauty.
There is the meaning of life,
In eternity.

Chinese New Year 2008