An MFM philosophical Poem of love, life, wisdom, medicine and science of
East and West Integration

When a friend comes,
Sharing a glass of wine
The wine of life.
A life that knows no infinity,
A life that lives
At a moment in time.
This space is ours.
Between us.
And within us.
Within us and without us,
Our consciousnesses meet
Within our universe,
Expanding to the space of multiverses.
Like floating bubbles,
Like membranes,
Floating in the eleventh dimension.
Now we are here,
Now we are there.
We connect
And we separate.
The certainty is uncertain.
Yet our consciousnesses meet.
Our love,
Our friendship,
Our spirit
Live in eternity……
We say to a friend,
How can we touch your soul?
Is your passion?
Is your soul?
The answer comes,
In this universe.
In this world.
We find each other
Meet and console.
Love in friendship,
Friendship in love.
All the sadness of life,
Will make me long for you.
Know that you will never be abandoned.
You will never be alone;
Life is being born
From the morning till dawn.
From your families
To your father and mother,
Now your children.
In between is you,
With the friends you have,
With the love that are your friends.
Time runs on,
Our space is expanding,
Within us
It has arrived, late.
Our loneliness of eternity.
But in our journey
You are there with me,
My friends.

23rd Dec. 2009