In the days of milk and honey,
Inspiration comes;
And inspiration goes,
Vanished in thin air
As suddenly as it appears.
Change, such a constant energy.
Change, that we cannot escape.
Flowers bloom every Spring
And perish in the Winter.
Pink, red, yellow and orange.
Roses, peony, chrysanthemum and tulips.
With the four seasons
They come and go,
Leaving fragrance and colour
To the pleasure of bees and butterflies.
Then comes the next Spring;
The elements of life blossom again.
With the passage of time
Different moment,
Different things.
Everything succumbs to the power of change.
In this timeless moment
I try to hold on to my dream
Of constancy in pleasure.
But as it languishes
Only the fragrance of jasmine remains.
The sweet song of happiness
Echoes in the grass lands,
Telling me change is to come.
The storm of sadness will come
As the sunshine disappears.
At last,
Change is irresistible.
Time knows not the plight of the lover’s heart,
Nor the agony of suffering,
But only the courage of man
Facing this tragic time.
The perseverance of human spirit
Struggles on, struggles on
Awaiting the return of Spring.
In the Spring there will be love,
In the Spring there will be sunshine,
In the Spring death will become life again,
Different from last Spring,
Different from last life.
A new soul.
A new spirit.
In the passage of time
A new human epoch is born.
Glorious are the colours.
In happiness
We sing the songs of heaven
Of new consciousness on Earth.
Like the resurrection of phoenix
From the fire
From the crisis,
We stood the change of time.

November 2009