Be Yin and Be Yang

Everything within,

And everything without

In this vast universe.

Waves after waves,


Moving towards

The edge of the universe.

As the yang energy expands,

The yin energy contracts;

As the muons and pions rush into my heart,

The energetic neutrinos gather in force

Towards an infinite inner world.

Ah, suddenly the awesome God Particle,

The boson,

Arrives where the harmony is,

And matter amasses into stability.


My heart is full of gluons –

The gluons let me laugh and let me cry,

Let me indulge

In nature’s absolute contradictions,

And I begin to sing the joy of nature.

As the elementary particles dance,

My thoughts vibrate beyond this universe.

And into the inner world.



I arrive into the ultimate,

Together with you,

And everyone else,


Into the two phases of yin and yang,

Contemplate within Tao,

Reach the horizon of existence and beyond.

As man

Between heaven and earth

Is at one

With himself.

3rd March 2012