Away With This Dusty World

I sigh…
In the darkness of the night,
In the dreams of the day,
My thought wonders
In the storm of emotions
With thunders.
Struggling to escape
This chaotic world,
Finding my way
Among crises
After crises.
This world of
War and struggles,
Tears and suffering,
Where men wrestle
Against each other,
In the lust for power.
We toil,
We consume,
We desire,
We struggle to survive
To satisfy
Our physical needs,
Amidst the tedious deeds.
Lost in our metropolis
Of noises,
Of pollution,
Of all the intricacies
Of human follies.
Swimming against the waves
In the sea of regulations;
In the intoxicating
Madness of consumption,
Of competition.
Amongst ourselves,
In the unstable world
Of corruption,
Of terror,
Of evil thoughts,
Taking away
Our noble spirit.
The pests of this world!
Let the sages
Return us to nature
To the land of enlightenment.
In this land,
Sometime ago,
Once full of nature’s beauty.
Now a dusty world.
Waking up in the morning,
I long
For a being
Of romantic dreams,
Of noble spirit
And inspiration,
Of enlightenment
And inner harmony;
In the pursuit
Of a noble civilisation.
Awake my fellow human beings!
Revive your spirit,
Your love for nature,
Your nobility of being.
In your passion,
For the love of each other
With no constraints.
Sweep away all these evils,
Be healthy,
Bring back wellness
In our mind,
In our spirit,
For simple happiness,
With harmony,
Within man
Within nature.
This dusty world.
Our new garden,
Into purity,
Into eternity.

11th May 2011

The Forum, London