The Dream of Love

This morning,

I have a song in my heart.

Do you want to hear it?

Ah, my song sings of love.

Floating in the blue sky,

Into every corner of the globe.

With a formation of cranes

Carrying the waves

Of harmony.

In synchronous tune

The nightingale sings,

The yellow birds accord,

And the earth vibrates

In the happiness

Of concord.

I sing into the deep blue sea.

The passion of my love

Carried by the soft echo

Of my dolphin friends.

Swimming through the ocean

Waves after waves,

To my love afar.

The one

Who is longing for

The breeze of Spring

In the blossoming plum garden.

Like a butterfly

In the sage’s dream,

Longing for love,

Fluttering freely,

In the wonderland of fairytales.

Full of love,

Full of freedom,

In the destiny

Of a romantic being.

If everyone sings of love,

Dreams of love.


My friends;

What a wonderful world this could be!

Man Fong Mei
thFebruary 2012
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