In Harmony

On the occasion of festivity, I wish to bring you positive energy for the
coming New Year with a poetic notion of harmony in our world.

The silent night has given way
To the light of dawn.
The birds are chiming
Amongst the dewy leaves
Dripping on the freshly greened grass.
Darkness has just disappeared
The signs of life are everywhere.
Let there be light,
And there was light
Fulfilling the cycle of day and night.
The four seasons bring us
All the experience that is life.
Let us be joyful and celebrate
That this Earth is in hope,
That harmony is in sight.
Let our hearts meet,
And our interests bind.
Embrace the differences
And the rainbow of life will shine.
Let this Earth be our heavenly garden,
Where happiness grows.
Where hundred flowers bloom.
Angels sing from afar
Harps vibrate the melody of strings
And the trumpets herald
The new Earth
With triumphant blows.
We will never give up
Our search for happiness,
Love, peace and tranquillity
On Earth, where
Nature is in symphony,
In perfect harmony.

O ye the dusty world
Of relentless self-pursuit
Of gains and selfishness
Of greed and jealousy,
Now you can disappear
Amidst the overwhelming beauty
That is the nature of nature.
As plum blossoms hail the signs
Of the imminent arrival of
With graceful gesture
Orchids solicit inspirations;
With luxurious richness,
Peony brings the nobility of life.
Amidst seductive fragrances of
I walk in my garden of happiness
Thinking of love
In the mood for love
In the synergy of love
That is Yin and Yang.
The mysterious East,
And the empirical West
Like the flowers and the soil
Like fish in water
Like Yin within Yang
Like Yang within Yin.
Nature knows no boundary,
And creation is endless
Like the cycle of life
Changing, repeating,
And modifying into eternity.
Everywhere and anywhere
The creatures of this world
Huddle in unity
To achieve oneness
And the joy of togetherness
We seek
They seek
And together we seek
Within our world;
The secret of love, peace and
Is in the Tao of existence
In our universe
In mankind
In harmony.

by Man Fong Mei

11th Nov. 2010