The Rise of Global Health in International Affairs – Report from the CMIR and the CMC

13th June 2011
Chatham House, Royal Society of International Affairs, London

Margaret Chan (陈冯富珍) Director-General of the World Health Organisation (WHO) gave a talk at the Royal Society of International Affairs, Chatham House on 13th June 2011 together with Rt Hon Andrew Lansley MP UK Health Minister, chaired by Dr David Heymann Chairman of the Health Protection Agency Board. She declared that ‘our world is greatly imbalanced’ with serious threat from commutable disease pandemics and non-commutable diseases such as diabetes and other disorders related to metabolic syndromes. She called for a global effort to tackle these mounting health problems. She also congratulated UK in giving a further £814 million to GAVI for vaccinations for children in danger of dying. The UK has already pledged over £3 billion to international health programmes. She confirmed her commitment to multilateralism in her health policy when she was questioned by a journalist from The Lancet.

Andrew Lansley, UK Secretary for Health, affirmed Britain’s commitment to encouraging and succeeding in the development of life science and to combat ‘the rising tide of lifestyle-related diseases’. He said that ‘acting together is the only way forward’. Since $3 trillion were invested in healthcare worldwide he stated that ‘no country can escape the logic of global inter-dependence’ and that ‘acting together is the only way forward’. He also stated that Britain should be proud of its pursuit in a ‘global health agenda integrated with her foreign policy’.

Professor Mei was invited to attend the meeting as Chairman of the Chinese Medical Council (CMC, UK) and the Chairman of Chinese Medical Institute and Register (CMIR, UK) where he met Professor Dame Sally Davies, Director General of Research and Development and Chief Scientific Adviser, Department of Health and NHS.

During the meeting the China business model was also discussed, recalling the Chinese Minister of Health saying that ‘we (China) will get old before we get rich’ and the importance of achieving a world that gives medicine to everyone. This affirmed the WHO’s slogan of ‘health to all’.

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2011 年6月13日,世界卫生组织总干事陈冯富珍与英国卫生大臣(Rt Hon Andrew Lansley MP)联手在伦敦皇家国际政事研究所Chatham House召开了关于全球健康问题的会议,该会议由健康保护管理局(Health Protection Agency Board)主席David Heymann先生主持。陈冯富珍总干事在会上发表了一段重要讲话,她强调当今世界传染疾病和非传染慢性疾病盛行,诸如糖尿病以及各类代谢型疾病等使我们 的世界处于严重的不平衡状态。她呼吁全世界一起来努力解决这些越来越多的问题,同时祝贺英国资助814万英镑给全球疫苗和免疫联盟(GAVI)为儿童们接 种疫苗以保障他们不受死亡的威胁, 以及英国承诺在国际健康项目援助3亿美元。在英国权威医学杂志柳叶刀记者的询问下她表示会在她的健康政策上实行多边主义。

英国卫生大臣 Andrew Lansley MP对英国在鼓励和超越生命科学方面和对抗更多的由生活方式带来的相关疾病的努力进行了肯定的评价。他强调联合行动是前进的唯一出路。由于3万亿美元投资 在全球的医疗保健上,“任何国家都无法摆脱全球相互依存的关系。”因此“一起行动才是唯一明智的出路”。他还指出英国为把全球健康工作纳入到其外交政策中 而感到自豪。

作为英国中医管理委员会主席及伦敦中医学院院长,梅万方教授应邀参加了会议,并与卫生部研究和发展部总理事Dame Sally Davies教授和英国国家卫生保健(NHS)首席顾问交换了意见。


联系人: 梅万方教授