The 8th World Congress of Chinese Medicine 2011 第八届世界中医药大会

The World Congress of Chinese Medicine (WCCM) was held in London on 2nd -3rd September 2011 and over 800 delegates attended. For the first time ever, London became the focal point for the international community of Chinese Medicine due to the looming statutory regulation of Chinese Medicine practitioners in the UK that was announced by the UK Secretary of State for Health Andrew Lansley as well as the European Directive on herbal medicine (the EU THMPD) that has been in full force in the UK since 30th April 2011.

Australia, U.S.A and China were well represented amongst the delegates. Professor Mei was elected as the Chairman of the Consultative Working Committee of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies during the Third Board election.

The River Thames at night was the highlight of the entertainment programme for the delegates. The next WCCM Congress will be held in Borneo, Western Malaysia.





MFM Report - The 8th World Congress of Chinese Medicine 2011MFM Report - The 8th World Congress of Chinese Medicine 2011