Odes to Life

Written to the rhyme of Song poetic format “Mu Lan Hua”

生命颂 (木兰花)


At the beginning,
The symphonic spirit of the universe is conducted,
In its vibration the mysterious wave of Tao prevails,
The Tao that cannot be explained,
The Tao that cannot be named.
But in its inexplicable power
Is the creation of everything,
Through the interactions of Yin and Yang.
In the miraculous energy of change,
At one moment in the eternity of time,
Life begun on this wonderful Earth.
Giving birth to our dreams,
Of happiness under heaven.

And between heaven and earth,
The consciousness of life vibrates in harmony,
In the boundless sea and seamless sky.
The cosmos sings in the poet’s soul,
For the noble freedom of being.
Genuine energy is thus summoned.
Cultivating harmony in our mind,
As our hearts expand like an ocean,
Absorbing all the creatures of god’s creation;
The intricacies of existence,
Awake the human intellect.
With our yearning for happiness,
Our passions are collected
Together into eternity.
As our hearts grow,
In the mirror of the poet’s soul.
We sing the joy of life.

By Man Fong Mei

from the MFM E-Letter Issue No.7  Random Thoughts – Reflections on East-West Convergence, 16th March 2010