An East-West Discourse on Health and Medicine

Wandering in nature’s path,
To breathe and be free;
To expand my horizons.
With the grass and the trees,
The gliding swan
Swims in the fragrant air of roses
Such tranquillity.
In the open space of my heart
I dance with my energy
A moment for myself,
A moment to appreciate,
A moment for my health,
In timeless motion,
And motionless time.
I feel the beauty of life,
Away from the follies
Of everyday necessities,
Away from the deeds
For many to succeed.
Bathing in sunshine,
My body is mine to own,
My time,
My life,
At one with nature,
At one with myself.

Mention eternity
I awe with fear;
It brings me the most acute
Sense of the presence,
It reminds me of
The boundless horizon,
In which my passion lives,
And in which the lovers pledge.
Eternity is
Like the river flows
Forever to the East;
Like the magic circle
Of water, vapour and rain.
From eternity to now,
And from now to eternity,
Time is a seamless lace.
Wobbling forwards, backwards
Upwards and downwards
Like endless waves.
Time is time,
For the mortals
Only one direction,
Only the mortals
Have the ageing faces,
In the process of renewal,
At the end of decay.
And we begin again
In the midst of nature’s synergy,
Forces attract and repulse,
The dynamics
Of immediacy
Our energy dances
Between decay and renewal;
In the horizon of eternity
Like an immortal in time,
We try to stay a little longer,
Vibrate the energy of youth.
With grace
We will grow old.
After all is a state of mind;
Eventually we will all be at one with nature.
Nothing becomes something,
And something disintegrates
Into nothing.
Life begins again… …

by Man Fong Mei

from the MFM E-Letter issue No.8 – An East-West Discourse on Health and Medicine 29th June 2010